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3 Tours in Wyoming

Aviat Aircraft Inc.
Afton, WY


Aviat Aircraft Inc. is located in Afton, Wyoming. Aviat is engaged in the development, manufacture and servicing of sport and utility aircraft sold under the trade names of Husky A-1A and A-1B, the Pitts Special S-2C, and the Eagle II. The facility, situated two blocks south of the city center, consists primarily of six light manufacturing buildings containing approximately 72,000 square feet of enclosed space on about five acres of land in a 47 acre parcel.

The facility at Afton has many advantages as a manufacturing base including the availability of labor that has many years experience in the construction ...
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Laramie River Station
Wheatland, WY


The Laramie River Station (LRS) is a coal-fired electric generating station located six miles east of Wheatland, WY. It is recognized as one of the most highly efficient, cleanest-operating electric generating stations technically feasible. The plant's sophisticated environmental control equipment, which cost more than $300 million, protects the land, air and water.

Laramie River Station itself was constructed for a cost of $1.6 billion and has a total generating capacity of 1,650 megawatts (MW).

LRS is owned by the Missouri Basin Power Project (MBPP), a group of six consumer-owned electric utilities of which Basin Electric is project manager. ...
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Teton Homes
Casper, WY


In 1967, Teton HomesĀ® were built to provide oil field housing in remote locations. They weren't large or luxurious but they offer an precisely what our owners needed.... protection from the elements, the comforts of home and dependable performance, even in the rugged country found in the Rocky Mountain area. Although the original TetonsĀ® didn't look like today's models, they established a firm foundation for the business principles that would take us through 36 years of continuing success.

In those early years, we learned that the best way to do something well is to specialize in doing just one single ...
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