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10 Tours in Minnesota

AGCO Corporation/Intivity Center
Jackson, MN


Experience Intivity Center in Jackson, Minnesota. We’ve expanded our facilities and created a world-class visitor’s center in Jackson. We invite you to see some of the most advanced agricultural equipment made by a company with a long-standing commitment to farmer-focused innovation. Intivity Center and the AGCO facilities in Jackson are where premium tractors like Massey Ferguson®, Challenger® track and wheel tractors and application equipment like RoGator® and TerraGator® roll off the assembly line.

We offer a two hour tour of our manufacturing facility (roughly one and a half mile walk). This tour will take guests through our tractor and application ...
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August Schell Brewing Company
New Ulm, MN


At Schell's, we believe that not all beer is created equal. And passionately so. Any beer with true substance must start with the very finest malts and hops. No exceptions. Both ingredients greatly affect the taste, aroma and color of the beer, and are carefully selected to match the style that?s being brewed. From our legendary Pilsner to our award-winning Schell's FireBrick lager to our seasonal favorites, you can rest assured that what only takes you minutes to finish, took weeks to create and over 140 years to perfect.

The August Schell Brewing Company remains the second oldest family-owned ...
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Cirrus Aircraft Corporation
Duluth, MN


Cirrus Aircraft is located at the International airport in Duluth, Minnesota at the western edge of Lake Superior.

Cirrus Aircraft Corporation was founded in 1984 with a dream to design and build affordable airplanes that deliver greater control, more comfort, and unprecedented levels of safety.

Today, Cirrus is the world's leading innovator of single-engine, piston-powered aircraft. In fact, for the last five years our SR22 has been the world's best selling airplane in its class.

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Gluek Brewing
Cold Spring, MN


In 1857 on the bank of the Mississippi River in an area, which would someday be known as Minneapolis, German immigrant Gottlieb Gluek started the Mississippi Brewing Company. Soon the name was changed to the Gluek Brewing Company, and by 1964 became Minneapolis's oldest continuously operated business.

In 1858 the company brewed 3,996 barrels of beer and by 1901 the annual capacity of 150,000 barrels, which was second only to the two "giants" the Minneapolis Brewing Company (later Grain Belt Brewery) and the Theo. Hamm Brewery of St. Paul, each with capacities of 500,000 barrels.

The earliest mode of delivery ...
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Red Wing Stoneware Company
Red Wing, MN


Red Wing Stoneware Company has been a tradition producing ?American Made? Red Wing pottery starting in the mid-1860's. Collectors and non-collectors alike cherish the historic Red Wing and Cobalt Blue designs on pottery made in Red Wing, Minnesota along the Mississippi River. Red Wing Stoneware Company is the first name in Red Wing pottery.

We proudly continue this tradition by creating handcrafted, functional, quality stoneware. It is functional in the kitchen, you can cook and bake in our stoneware and then bring the pottery right from the oven for your every day meals or that special gathering with friends or ...
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Redhead Creamery
Brooten, MN


Redhead Creamery and Jer-Lindy Farms is one of Minnesota's only farmstead creameries, milking 180 cows and making artisan Cheddar cheese right on the farm.

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Soudan Underground Mine
Soudan, MN


A century slips by when you visit this park. Visitors wear hard hats and journey down 2,341 feet via a "cage." On the 27th level, the transportation shifts to a rail car for a ride back into the mine as you listen to the stories of the mining days. Above ground visitors can explore the dry house, drill shop, crusher house and engine house. Visitors also can walk the boardwalk past one of the deepest open mine pits or hike the trails in the park through a northern hardwood conifer forest, past the famous Soudan Iron Formation.

See Soudan Underground ...
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Spam Museum
Austin, MN


The new 16,500 square-foot SPAM Museum opened in September 2001. Museum visitors are welcomed to the world of the SPAM Family of Products with a variety of interactive and educational games, fun exhibits and remarkable video presentations.

Originally called HORMEL Spiced Ham, Hormel Foods held a contest to create a new name for the product in 1936. Discover who won the contest and the story behind the creation of SPAM luncheon meat.

In South Korea, SPAM is considered a gourmet treat. Find out why and investigate a world map showcasing the countries where SPAM is sold and eaten. The Global ...
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Summit Brewing Company
St Paul, MN


Sometime in 1980, a dedicated clinical social worker and casual home brewer named Mark Stutrud quietly began to research the possibility of establishing a craft brewery in the Twin Cities.

During 1983, Mark attended several meetings of the American Home Brewing Association. Here he met Charlie McElevey and Bill Newman, both key figures in the renaissance of craft brewing in the United States. Only nine ?microbreweries? were actively brewing at that time, Charlie and Bill?s among them.

Shortly after that, Mark met Fred Thomasser, a retired brewmaster whose career began with the repeal of prohibition. Fred and Charley agreed to ...
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UPM-Kymmene (Blandin Training Center)
Grand Rapids, MN


UPM-Kymmene is one of the leading paper companies in the world. The company's businesses focus on magazine papers, newsprint, fine and speciality papers, converting materials, and wood products. The company has production in 17 countries and an extensive sales network comprising over 170 sales and distribution companies.

Millions of people around the world read newspapers and magazines, leaf through catalogues and browse books. The paper used to create them might well be from UPM-Kymmene. The paper that becomes a letter or a form, that's used to print out e-mail messages, or the envelope for advertising material may also be one ...
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