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5 Tours in Alaska

Alaska Mint
Anchorage, AK

Tour the northern most mint in the United States. Open for self-guided tours daily, watch the minting process in progress along with giant gold nuggets, a 10? gold scale, authentic assay furnace, and running sluice box.

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The Ulu Factory
Anchorage, AK

The ULU knife (pronounced ooloo) is the most renowned knife in Alaska. Native people of northern Alaska invented this knife centuries ago. It is used for hunting, fishing, skinning, filleting and every other imaginable domestic cutting need by the Inuit (Eskimo) people.

The traditional ULU was an Eskimo cutting tool made of slate and bone, with a sharp edge for cutting or carving. The Eskimos made them in all sizes, from a small blade for cutting skins to a cleaver for carving meat. But, today's version is manufactured from stainless steel and provided with a hardwood handle for ease ...
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The Great Alaskan Bowl Company
Fairbanks, AK

Back in the 1800's the demand for large wooden bowls for making bread and for mixing and serving food kept many bowl mills in operation. The Great Alaskan Bowl Company is one of only a very few mills operating that use equipment designed from the machinery developed over a hundred years ago.

By cutting only 2-5 13" or larger trees per acre The Great Alaskan Bowl Company is a responsible steward of the forest. This process promotes a healthier forest by allowing some sunlight to reach the smaller developing trees. The freshly cut green logs (40-60% moisture content) are ...
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Alaskan Brewing
Juneau, AK

Soon after gold was discovered in 1881, breweries in the new town of Juneau began quenching the thirst of hardy Alaskan miners. By 1903 at least four breweries had begun operation in the twin cities of Juneau and Douglas. Between 1899 and 1907, local residents enjoyed a particularly fine brew created by the Douglas City Brewing Company. Almost 100 years later, Alaskan Amber Beer, based on that same historic recipe, has started a small gold rush of its own.
In 1986, the Alaskan Brewing Company became the 67th operating brewery in the United States and the only one in ...
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Musk Ox Farm
Palmer, AK

Situated in Palmer, Alaska, the Musk Ox Farm is a private non-profit organization dedicated to the development and domestication of the musk ox, Ovibos moschatus. Every year we host thousands of visitors who come to view the animals, learn about the project and take advantage of this unique opportunity to see and photograph one of the Arctic's oldest living species. For a truly Alaskan experience, come visit the farm and take an informative tour led by a knowledgeable guide. See tame cows, powerful bulls, and newborn calves that will make your heart melt.

The goal of the Musk Ox Project, ...
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