Boehm's Chocolates

Issaquah, WA

47.5349439, -122.0317727

Julius Boehm (1897-1981), the original founder of Boehm's Candy Kitchen in Issaquah, WA, was of Swiss-Austrian decent. After immigrating to the United States in 1940, he and partner George Tedlock opened the first Candy Kitchen in the Greenlake area of Seattle.

In 1956 the company moved to Issaquah where he built the Edelweiss Chalet and a beautiful Alpine Chapel in the shadow of the Issaquah Alps. To this day the Issaquah Boehm's Candies plant manufactures over 150 different confections.

Boeing Commercial Airplane

Mukilteo, WA

47.921607, -122.289219

The Boeing Everett factory tours are conducted to showcase The Boeing Company and the Everett product line, the 747, 767, 777 and soon 787. As part of the tour, visitors walk through part of the largest building in the world by volume (472,000,000 cubic feet). On the Boeing flight line, visitors see airplanes in various stages of assembly, manufacture and flight test for airline customers around the world.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

Woodinville, WA

47.73276, -122.150899

They are eager to share their passion for wine as well as the history of our winery, the grounds and other area attractions to provide you an informative and enjoyable visit. Please allow 40 minutes for a tour and tasting.

In addition to our complimentary tastings that are included with a guided tour, we offer two premium-tasting options:

Selected reserve and single vineyard wine tastings available at Wine Shop tasting bar for a $5 fee (no appointments necessary).

Private tastings of our reserve, single vineyard and library wines are available in our Vintage Reserve Room for an $8 fee. Reservations suggested, please call (425) 415-3633.

Liberty Orchards

Cashmere, WA

47.521351, -120.469419

Don't miss the sweetest tour on the Cascade Loop. Take a refreshing break and visit the candy kitchens of Liberty Orhards. Located just one minute off Highway 2 in Cashmere, Washington, we offer continous tours... every 20 minutes, and lots of free samples for everyone!

Aplets & Cotlets ... a unique Washington tradition. Handmade from a secret family recipe, Aplets & Cotlets and Fruit Festives get their smooth, natural flavor from wholesome ingredients... pure fruit juices and premium nutmeats. And, of course, no preservatives!

You'll find goodies galore in our little Country Store. Oure shelves are filled with scrumptious Pacific Northwest delicacies & unique gifts from Washington's apple country.

Microsoft Visitor Center

Redmond, WA

47.6407446, -122.1374936

It all started with the dream of "a computer on every desk and in every home." In just 28 years, Microsoft turned this revolutionary idea into a reality, creating a new industry and transforming how we work, live, learn and play. Today, Microsoft is empowering people everywhere to realize their potential through great software anytime, anyplace and on any device.

At the Microsoft Museum, you can explore the vision, products, culture and history of Microsoft. Our exhibits showcase everything from the very first personal computer to some of today's most exciting technologies including Windows, Xbox and the Tablet PC.

The Museum is open to all employees and visitors to the Microsoft campus. Come share in the excitement of our discoveries, explore some of our latest products and meet some of the people whose ideas and creativity make Microsoft a world leader in computer and software technology.

When most people hear the word "museum," they think of paintings on a wall and artifacts under glass cases. At the Microsoft Museum, you'll find something completely different. Our museum tells the story of the ideas, dreams, and accomplishments of the people who make up Microsoft. Through interactive exhibits and engaging storytelling, visitors can explore how people are realizing their potential through the magic of software.

Seattle Seahawks Stadium

Seattle, WA

47.595092, -122.333084

Visit the home of the Seattle Seahawks.

T-Mobile Park

Seattle, WA

47.59204, -122.334074

T-Mobile Park is the fabulous home of the Seattle Mariners. Guests are treated to a 19.59 acre outdoor baseball park with real grass and a retractable roof.

Tour one of the premier baseball facilities ever built, including areas of the ballpark that are not normally open to the public: press box, luxury suites, field, dugout and visitor's clubhouse. Cameras welcome! (All areas are subject to availability depending on activities within the ballpark.)

The Lincoln Theatre

Mount Vernon, WA

48.417998, -122.338447

The Lincoln Theatre, a restored 1926 historic vaudeville & silent movie house in downtown Mount Vernon, presents a year-round schedule of concerts, current and classic films, and community events. The theatre works with local school districts, hosting school performances and workshops by performing artists on tour, as well as annual concerts by secondary school bands. The theatre hosts concerts by the local youth symphony, presents community-sponsored children?s theatre productions, as well as serving as a venue for fund-raising events by local service organizations. The Lincoln Theatre Center Foundation, founded in 1987, is a registered non-profit organization supported by over 2000 members from Skagit and adjoining counties.

IN 1926:
Cost of Building: $100,000
Cost of Organ: $22,500
Cost of Furnishings & Equipment: $32,500
Weekly Payroll: $160

When the Lincoln Theatre was built, it was hailed for its originality and beauty. The Argus reported on May 13, 1926, "Nothing like it has ever been constructed before...the theatrical world is setting back astounded."

The Lincoln is what's called a period theater, which were in vogue around the time it was built. Some theaters built in the twenties had an Egyptian motif; one Seattle theater had a Chinese motif, but the Lincoln was a little different for the Northwest; it had a Spanish motif.

Manager Edwin Halberg ignored the pleas of his friends that he follow the crowd and make it Egyptian. He foresaw a time when movie fans would tire of such a motif. He personally designed the luxurious carpet, the decorative effect on the walls, the hangings and draperies, and the lighting effects.

The primary colors were blue, yellow, and red. The foyer was lighted with quaint, wrought-iron patterns of Spanish design. The walls have what's known as a travertine finish.

Of the 98 Wurlitzer organs remaining in their original theaters in the U.S., the Lincoln Theatre?s Wurlitzer is one of only two 2-manual, 7-rank D-2 Full Unit Orchestra models. It has a full set of organ pipes, as well as a set of ?toys,? the mechanical sound effects for silent movies, as well as marimbas, drums, glockenspiel, xylophone, cathedral chimes, celeste, etc., and an original Wurlitzer piano.

The Lincoln Wurlitzer features seven ranks of pipes, a remote piano, and a complete sound effect system for silent films, including beats, castanets, drums, cymbals, glockenspiels, and marimbas, as well as a set of silver chimes mounted on the auditorium's painted columns.

Much work has been done by our pool of volunteer organists and technicians to maintain and repair our musical treasure.

The console has been pulled, cleaned, and rewired; several ranks have been gone through, with new leathers and blocks installed; and the "toy box" for sound effects has been rearranged for easier access and repair. All the work has been done by dedicated volunteers, including Gene Peden, Bob Martin, and Keith Thompson.

The volunteer organists who perform before each film showing are Dusan Mrak, Jeff Fox, Gene Reden, Glen DesJardins, and Ken Fenske. Thanks to all of them for keeping the theater organ tradition alive at the Lincoln!

We are always in need of more players. If you are interested in performing at the console, give us a call and you can play the pipes!

Theo Chocolate

Seattle, WA

47.650489, -122.354483

Theo produces premium, organic, fair trade and specialty chocolate. Our founder, Joseph Whinney, pioneered the manufacture and supply of organic chocolate products as the first importer of organic cocoa beans into North America in 1994.

Over a decade later, Theo is proud to be the only roaster of organic cocoa beans and the first roaster of Fair Trade certified cocoa beans in the United States. All of our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they meet our standards for social and environmental responsibility.

Washougal Mill

Washougal, WA

45.576505, -122.353609

Visitors to the Washougal Mill store are invited to take a free tour of the mill. Here you can see the process firsthand from our state-of-the-art dye house, through spinning and weaving, to the finishing of our distinctive Indian blankets. When your finished you can visit our Mill Store pictured to the left where you can select from Pendleton's array of menswear, womanswear, blankets and fabrics. For more information phone 1-800-568-2480.