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Intercourse Pretzel Factory
3614 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, PA   17534
Map Location           Latitude: 40.03846   Longitude: -76.105964
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This tour is free

In October of 1995 the Intercourse Pretzel Factory opened its doors, but it was actually an accident... When Cross Keys Village changed to a retail center, an old pretzel company from Lancaster agreed to move their factory to the complex, as an anchor for the property. The building was renovated, but in the meantime, the folks changed their minds!

As a theme designer for restaurants, Donna Clark developed themes and then found a tenant for properties. At the Cross Keys Village Center, the product (handmade pretzels) and the concept (a working pretzel factory) were intriguing to Donna, so she decided to start the Pretzel Factory herself! It was something new for Donna, but after five years, she's glad she made the move to open the Intercourse Pretzel Factory!
Recipes are part of the theme of a restaurant and Donna decided to create some recipes of her own for the Intercourse Pretzel Factory. After some experimentation, she came up with the idea of a stuffed pretzel. A soft pretzel dough, wrapped around the very best foods unique to the Lancaster County Pennsylvania Dutch culture. Jellies with cream cheese, sweet smoked bologna and onion relish, or sausage and sauerkraut--to name a few favorites.

Intercourse Pretzel Factory touches on a little corner of Lancaster County Heritage--everyone around here eats hard pretzels! Better than store bought, the hand-twisted hard pretzels are available in bags or gift tins. Sample the plain, cheese, herb or brown butter pretzels. (As far as we know, Intercourse Pretzel Factory is the only place where you can get a brown butter or herb hard pretzel!)

You can also enjoy a plain, traditional soft pretzel at Intercourse Pretzel Factory. They are a favorite for those who believe simple is the best, but if not... Chocolate covered pretzels are for you! Big pretzels coated with Wilbur's premium grade chocolate. Some have peanut butter chips, but all are favorites!

Unique to Intercourse Pretzel Factory is the delicious Molasses Caramel Crunch--Pretzels, popcorn and peanuts coated with a molasses and butter caramel. And, you can also enjoy specialty coffees and hand-dipped Coleman's ice cream.

As she worked with the concept for Intercourse Pretzel Factory, Donna found that one thing lead to another, and another, and ... The store is an eclectic mix, from pretzels to antiques to bulk spices. You'll see and remember things from yesterdays! The antiques amuse people as they remember things from when they were young and spend more time looking around than anything else, but Donna is happy about that. She wanted the store to be about memories and heritage, and it surely is a reminder of our Lancaster County Heritage.

Learn How Pretzels are Made and How to Twist a Pretzel!

Soft or Hard Pretzels, our product is made here and sold only by us. You can see how we do it and then choose from a wide variety of handmade products.

Our store is an Eclectic Mix--from Pretzels to Antiques to Bulk Spices and Vintage Era Candy, You'll See and Remember Things from Yesterdays!

We are a Pretzel Factory, and do actually make pretzels here, but only about 100 pounds a day (approx. 1800 pretzels).

When our factory is operating, we offer a FREE Tour!

On the tour, you will...

Learn what a Pretzel really is
Discover how a Pretzel is made
Twist a piece of dough into your own Pretzel!

The tour lasts about 10 minutes.

This information was brought to you by a contributing member:
Donna Clark, Pres., Intercourse Pretzel Factory

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