Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Las Vegas, NV

36.171915, -115.139974

Chocoholics from all over the world visit Ethel M's headquarters to see how these luscious treats are made. Tour the processing kitchen, walk through the enrobing and molding rooms, then, finally, indulge in a sample. Walk off the damage with a stroll through the company's cactus garden.

For your pleasure, admission is free and tours are self-guide.

Special guided tours may be arranged for parties of 10 or more by calling (702) 435-2641.

Hoover Dam

Boulder, NV

36.009151, -114.785667

The Discovery Tour replaced the traditional and hardhat tours previously conducted in the power house. The new on top of the dam interpretative tour provides visitors more information on the dam than ever before.

The Discovery Tour is a way to see, learn and appreciate what Hoover Dam is all about. This self-paced tour was created to meet the public interest in visiting the dam and provide a quality, informative visit, while recognizing that certain security precautions must be taken to protect the facility, the workers and the visiting public. Talks by our guide staff, are presented at a number of separate locations, within the visitor facilities and on top of the dam. A ticket is required to explore the Visitor Center and top of the dam exhibits.

While those of you visiting Hoover Dam in the past may remember our traditional and hard hat tours, we think you will find this new leisurely way of discovering the dam to be educational, informative, and a pleasant way to enjoy this national landmark. New information not previously included in our previous tours has been added to make this a memorable experience even for those of you that may have visited us before.

Kimmie Candy

Reno, NV

39.506692, -119.756329

Kimmie provides a guided tour of our newly renovated factory. Come see how our delicious SunburstsĀ® and ChocoRocksĀ® are made!

We accept tours of nearly any size! From 2 people, to a large group of 70 people, come take our guided tour to see our candy making process! (Large groups will be split into smaller subgroups)

Our tour consists of an informative video along with the guided tour of the factory. Tour duration varies upon group size.

Nevada Test Site

North Las Vegas, NV

36.208271, -115.134287

Three companies make up the Bechtel Nevada team: Bechtel Nevada Corporation; Johnson Controls Nevada, Inc.; and Lockheed Martin Nevada Technologies, Inc.

Bechtel Nevada manages operations at the Nevada Test Site and its related facilities and laboratories. Besides its work for DOE's Nevada Operations Office, Bechtel Nevada partners with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories on many projects. Bechtel Nevada also works on projects for other federal agencies such as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, NASA, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy.

Bechtel Nevada is organized into four major Programs: Stockpile Stewardship, Environmental Management, National Security Response, and Counter Terrorism. Organizations interested in using the Nevada Test Site for projects should contact the programs directly.

More than half of Bechtel Nevada's employees work in the Las Vegas area or at the nearby Nevada Test Site. The company has satellite offices in Livermore, California (Livermore Operations) and Los Alamos, New Mexico (Los Alamos Operations) as well as the Special Technologies Laboratory in Santa Barbara, California. Bechtel Nevada also operates the Remote Sensing Laboratory in Nevada and its sister group located near Washington, D.C.

Your tour of the Nevada Test Site includes visits to:
Yucca Mountain Science Center
Control Point 1
Frenchman Flat
DOE Radioactive Waste Management Site
Bilby Crater
Housing that withstood the Apple II test in 1955
Sedan Crater

Shelby American, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV

36.277658, -115.017505

Back in the 1960's Shelby American, Inc. produced the legendary Cobra. With its 289 cubic inch Ford powerplant the Cobra dominated on the racetrack and won the FIA World Manufacturer's Championship. Later with the introduction of the awesome 427 S/C the Cobra dominated public streets.

In October 1998, Shelby American opened its newest manufacturing facility at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway's Research and Development Center. Carroll Shelby finally has a testing ground right outside the factory! From this new state of the art facility we are producing our new lines of the Cobra 427 S/C (CSX4000-Series) and Cobra 289 FIA (CSX7000-Series) component vehicles along with our new Series 1 roadster (CSX5000-Series). Each car is numbered and the Series 1 production will be limited to only 500 vehicles in order to keep its investment value as high as possible.

Strategic alliances and our vast Cobra and Series 1 dealer networks give consumers easy access to our products. We are also able to deliver those products at a much higher rate because of streamlined production techniques that don't sacrifice any of the hand-crafted quality you've come to expect from the name Shelby.

If you find yourself in the Las Vegas area, please feel free to drop by for a visit. Our museum showcases our latest creations as well as a variety of vintage Shelby automobiles including the original 1962 Cobra that started it all. We offer tours every weekday at 10:30. We also have official Shelby merchandise available in our store including special items autographed by the legend himself, Carroll Shelby. Our knowledgeable staff is always on-hand to answer any questions you may have about our company or our cars. You may look through our website or contact us via e-mail for more information.