Cold River Vodka

Freeport, ME

43.855515, -70.105892

The idea for Cold River Vodka originated with brothers Lee and Donnie Thibodeau. Growing up in Presque Isle, the heart of Maine?s potato country, they listened to their father and uncles tell about their history of turning potatoes into vodka. However, the realities of tending to the potato crop and the rigors of the annual harvest left little time.

Five years ago, the idea of commercially producing vodka resurfaced between Donnie and Lee as they were driving back to their childhood home in Presque Isle. After years of thinking of business ideas and talking about the future of Maine?s potato industry, the two decided to make the best vodka from Maine potatoes.

Maine?s agricultural industry is always searching for ways to add value to staple crops. This goal complemented the Thibodeaus? desire to preserve Maine?s open space and become the only distillery in the country that would oversee its entire production ? from planting potato seed to bottling vodka.

They called longtime friend Bob Harkins, who had recently left his post as a ski area executive, and asked him to explore the feasibility of producing vodka using Maine potatoes and Maine water. With that call, the business was born.

The three needed someone who knew distilling and soon discovered Chris Dowe. After a decade of installing and consulting on breweries across the country, he wanted to spend more time with his family in Maine.

The four partners and their wives chose the name Cold River Vodka. Glaciers carved the Cold River through the backbone of western Maine millennia ago. From the aquifer that this clear, pristine river feeds, the distillery takes its water. From a dream to a reality, from the ground to glass, from spud to super-premium spirit ? this is Cold River Vodka.

Haven's Candies

Westbrook, ME

43.650528, -70.347037

Herbert Haven founded Haven's Candies in 1915, after following his sweetheart from Boston to Portland. They courted and married, and soon Herbert and his new wife were handcrafting candies in their kitchen and selling them from the front parlor of their house on Forest Avenue.

As the son of skilled candy makers, Herbert brought both premium quality and creative originality to his products. Over the years many confectioners have come and gone in Maine, but few have stood the test of time like Haven's.

Today, Haven's continues to thrive by sticking to its roots. We still handcraft our candies using traditional methods, the finest ingredients and a commitment to superior quality. Owners Andy & Natalie Charles and the entire team at Haven's guarantee your satisfaction. We invite you to stop in for a visit, try a sample, and experience the finest handcrafted candies available anywhere!

Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers

Auburn, ME

44.09776, -70.229289

Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers was founded over a quarter century ago to restore the lost art of fine woodworking. Formerly a Bates college professor, Tom Moser left teaching in 1973 to start making one-of-a-kind furniture in an old Grange Hall in New Gloucester, Maine. His wife Mary managed the selling and finances, while their four sons trained as young apprentices.

There was no business plan, no product, no sense of marketing and to their banker?s horror, no cash or cash flow.

The first advertisement which ran in Down East magazine read, "Antiques are prized for their qualities of age, design and purity of craftsmanship. Our furniture is inspired by traditional design, constructed with pride and executed by hand, restoring a relationship between man and his practical art." Since then little has changed in the company?s intent or product.

Tom?s early designs bore a strong resemblance to Shaker, Queen Anne, Pennsylvania Dutch and other antique forms. From spiral stairs to a waterwheel, from wooden canteens to a harpsichord, the company?s position was, "if it?s made of wood, we can do it." In time this search for a proprietary form was synthesized into a coherent and unified body of work for the home, office and academic environment.

In nearly thirty years, the company has grown from a one-man operation to over sixty cabinetmakers (about half men and half women). Tom Moser continues to conceive and design new products in collaboration with his youngest son, David. His oldest son, Andy Moser is an accomplished craftsman and works in the shop. Aaron Moser directs the company's growing sales to universities and businesses.

In 1987 the company built a new workshop facility in Auburn, Maine, not far from its original location. In addition to mailing catalogs, Thos. Moser Cabinetmaker currently operates five showrooms located in Charleston, Chicago, Freeport, New York and San Francisco.