Al's Family Farms

Fort Pierce, FL

27.471098, -80.399429

Welcome to Al's Family Farms in Fort Pierce, Florida on the Treasure Coast.
Come take a tour of our Citrus Wash-line and Packinghouse and visit our
"O.J. Corral", Mini Citrus Grove, Veggie Patch and Citrus Maze! We are
located in the famous Indian River Citrus District in our historic red barn
packinghouse. Watch us wash, sanitize and pack Indian River Citrus to send
to our freezin' friends up north! Your guided tour will walk you along our
wash line and take you into the packinghouse where you will see for
yourselves, how Florida citrus is processed. Listen to your guide entertain
you with fun Florida stories and 'Juicy' Trivia! Taste fresh picked fruit
and sample our own fresh squeezed orange juice.

$8.00 VIP Tour includes a tour of the wash-line and packinghouse plus
entrance to the "O.J. Corral"-agri exhibit.

$15.00 Lunch Tour includes tour of wash-line, packinghouse, visit to "O.J.
Corral" plus lunch at our own Red Barn Grill. Call ahead for reservations
and pick up tickets at our Red Barn Grill. Allow 1 1/2 hours for tour, OJ
Corral and Gift Shop - longer if you do the lunch tour.

1-800-544-3366. $15.00 Lunch tour menu choices at our Red Barn Grill are:

1) Angus Cheeseburger, Chips and Fountain Drink.

2) Gourmet All Beef Hot Dog, Chips and Fountain Drink.

3) Authentic Chicken Burrito, Tortilla Chips and Fountain Drink.

4) Bean & Cheese Burrito, Tortilla Chips and Fountain Drink.

5) Authentic Chicken Taco Salad and Fountain Drink.

6) Chef Salad and Fountain Drink.

Ya'll come see us!!

Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory

Daytona Beach, FL

29.210973, -81.0183519

In 1925, two women, Riddell Angell and Cora Phelps, started the company that bears their names. They would spend the summers in the resort town of Mackinac Island, Michigan, where they also had a shop, and the winters here in Daytona Beach. At the start of WWII, they had to close the shop in Michigan.

While I have told this story thousands of times, I?m still amazed every time I think about it. First of all, I doubt that many women in the 20?s were able to start a business. On top of that, these gutsy ladies were making chocolates in Florida before the invention of air conditioning! Somehow, they were able to make the business flourish. Their passion and determination to make quality chocolates started a tradition that has lasted for 80 years.

New Owners, but the Same Passion for Excellence
Neither of these women had any children. So in 1953, when it was time to retire, they sold the business to Ed and Helen Resinger, who had just moved here from Ohio.

The Resingers continued the commitment to quality. They doubled the size of the operation and added items covered in milk chocolate. As the reputation grew, meeting the demand at certain times of the year became a real challenge. By the late seventies, they would have to quit taking orders by the middle of December because they could not keep up. The lack of supply lead to a chance meeting between my dad and Mr. Resinger. One year Dad hadn?t gotten his order in on time and he was desperately pleading his case. After some serious negotiation he was able to get the chocolates he needed and he told Mr. Resinger, ?If you ever want to sell this business, let me know.?

A Boyhood Dream Comes True
The Resingers had no children, so when they decided to retire, they called Dad to see if he was still interested. Dad jumped at the chance ?to own that candy shop on Beach Street.?

Dad was way too busy with his medical practice to get directly involved with the chocolate business, so he enlisted my brother Chuck, our uncle Sonny Mathis and myself. At the time, I was an out of work social worker, and my brother had just finished college. Chuck was a good cook, so he learned how to make chocolates. I concentrated on sales and Sonny helped out with the accounting. Mr. Resinger worked with us for several months to ensure the quality and consistency was maintained. This was a very difficult time for everybody. Mr. Resinger had always been hands-on and had mixed feelings about giving up control. I?ll never forget the first complaint we got. A customer called and said, ?That the chocolate doesn?t taste the same since you changed owners.? The funny thing was that we had yet to make a single batch of candy on our own.

Keeping the Torch of Tradition Aglow
We were very young and inexperienced and I?m sure it showed. From the very beginning, we were mindful of the importance of Angell & Phelps to the community, and we were determined to carry on the tradition. What we lacked in experience, we made up with hard work and a lot of passion that was instilled into us by our parents. As time went on, our mother, Ann, got involved and put her artistic skills to work doing merchandising and design.

Knowing that we needed to expand in 1984, we opened a second location in Ormond Beach. The store was located next to another long-standing local business, Billy?s Tap Room. It remained there for many years until we moved it to the Granada Plaza. This extra location helped to relieve the problem that we had with running out of chocolates at Christmas. However, we were in desperate need of a bigger kitchen to keep up with demand.

In 1985, we made the decision to build a new factory in the New Smyrna Beach Industrial Park. This was done with the thought of opening stores in the Orlando area. Unfortunately, the store in Orlando didn?t work out. It was a real learning experience, you might say.

Back to Where We Started
In 1995, we decided to buy the old Dunn Brothers Hardware/Toy store building on Beach Street and move the factory back downtown. The city was getting ready to put in a multimillion-dollar streetscape to help revitalize the downtown and the timing seemed right to make a change.

We configured the factory with a viewing hallway so we could market the chocolate factory as a tourist attraction for the millions of visitors that come to the area every year.

It has been very popular with tourists and locals alike. Many travel writers throughout the world have written about us. In 2004, Southern Living Magazine named us one of the "2004 Best Food Finds!"

At the same time we moved the chocolate factory, we relocated the New Smyrna store to Canal Street. The New Smyrna store has a very loyal local following. The area has a real small town feel to it and the customers are the nicest people you will ever meet. It reminds me of something out of the ?Andy Griffith? show.

In 1999 we expanded into the restaurant business when we added the Angell & Phelps Café next to the chocolate factory.

Long Live the Commitment to Quality!
Modern technology has certainly changed the candy business. Through the years we have seen many of our fellow candy makers switch to cheaper ingredients and find easier, less expensive ways to make their candy. We?ve always been mindful of the commitment to quality started by Ms. Angell & Ms. Phelps and have resisted any changes that would diminished that commitment. For the most part, we are still doing things the old fashioned way. Our feeling is that our customers would rather have us raise the price then compromise the quality. I feel confident that those two gutsy ladies who started this tradition would feel the same way and I imagine they?re proud of the way things have turned out.

Anheuser-Busch (Jacksonville, FL)

Jacksonville, FL

30.430347, -81.647479

Warm Florida hospitality and our fabulous Brew Hall viewing area await visitors at the Anheuser-Busch Jacksonville Brewery Tour.

An open-air tour gallery overlooking the floor of the Brew Hall offers an excellent step-by-step look at the all-natural Budweiser brewing process. You will marvel at the speed and efficiency of the bottling and canning operations.

Midway through the tour, relax in the Hospitality Room over complimentary tastings of our popular beers. The Gift Shop offers an extensive selection of fun, distinctive logoed merchandise.

Davidson of Dundee

Dundee, FL

28.00759, -81.631469

At Davidson of Dundee we have been growing and shipping the finest hand selected Florida Citrus since 1967, and we're proud of the thousands of loyal customers that we have gained, and maintained, during our 33 years in business

Our fruit is always tree ripened for absolute goodness and we ship it just the way it comes off the branch. There is never color added to improve the outside appearance of the fruit.

Daytona USA

Daytona Beach, FL

29.192646, -81.067155

DAYTONA USA is a one-of-kind interactive motorsports attraction, which features a variety of hands-on activities utilizing both advanced technology and historical elements. The Official Attraction of NASCAR is a high-energy experience designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of their level of racing knowledge or enthusiasm.

Hands-on interactive shows and attractions allow several hours of motorsports excitement at the attraction. Activities include Speed Channel?s "You Call the Race," where guests play TV announcer and "call" a major Daytona race finish; EA Sports NASCAR Thunder presented by Valvoline, which allows participants to use computer technology to drive a stock car on the high banks of Daytona; and Heroes of the Track, an opportunity to question one of your favorite NASCAR drivers using DVD technology.

Visitors exploring the attraction discover first-hand the universal appeal of motorsports. They examine the design features of a NASCAR Winston Cup stock car at DuPont's Technology of Speed, in which Jeff Gordon's car actually comes apart in front of your eyes. Come face-to-face with the famous 31-degree banked turns of Daytona International Speedway at the High Banks of Daytona section complete with three full-size stock cars on this 4-story wall of pavement. Take a trip back in time, as you walk through a life-size time line of racing in Daytona and NASCAR?s beginnings in the Goodyear Heritage of Daytona exhibit. Stop by the Pepsi Theater for the film experience of the"The DAYTONA 500," which transports you to race day and puts you right in the middle of all the action on a screen 55 feet wide and almost three stories tall.

In the 10,000 square foot expansion of DAYTONA USA are two new features ?"DAYTONA DREAM LAPS" and "ACCELERATION ALLEY." "DAYTONA DREAM LAPS" is an IWERKS Motion Simulator ride based on NASCAR Winston Cup?s premier race, the Daytona 500. The ride seats 32 guests for a full-range motion experience of NASCAR Winston Cup Series racing at the high banks of Daytona International Speedway.

"ACCELERATION ALLEY" puts guests in the driver?s seat where they buckle up and accelerate to over 200 mph in 80-percent scale NASCAR simulators that combine motion, video projection and sound for the ultimate head-to-head racing experience.

Take an exciting 30-minute tour of the "World Center of Racing." Climb aboard a tram and see Daytona International Speedway's garage area, pit road and world-famous 31-degree high banks. Track activities dictates Tour. Also, it is possible to not go out on racing surface. See why the world looks to Daytona for first class motorsports action.

Florida's Natural Growers Grove House Visitor Center

Lake Wales, FL

27.834215, -81.589214

See how Florida's Natural Brand juices are squeezed. Learn about Florida's citrus industry in our video tour and interesting exhibits highlighting the Lake Wales area, horticulture, nutrition, packaging and our newly updated weather video.

Hoffman's Chocolates

Greenacres, FL

26.61879, -80.125058

Hoffman's history began more than 30 years ago in a small chocolate shop in Lake Worth, FL. Paul Hoffman Sr., the founder of Hoffman's, purchased a small candy shop so that he and his family could work in this business together. Paul combined his love of creating new products with his extensive cooking experience to begin his illustrious career making award winning confections. Word of his confectionary masterpieces spread, and soon Hoffman's built a devoted following.

The Hoffman family made a commitment to use only the finest and freshest ingredients from around the world, and these standards have never been compromised. Much care and attention goes into each and every confection. Preparation is carefully monitored, from mixing and cooking the ingredients, to measuring and cutting the pieces. Each luscious confection is hand made using time honored traditions of candy making.

When you enter any of our retail locations, you are greeted with the most sensational scent of chocolate. Guests come from all over the world to visit our chocolate factory, where they can watch the art of candy making first hand at our observations windows, and stroll through our Greenacres retail store.

Hoffman's product line includes over 70 varieties of confections and has garnered the attentions of many national culinary authorities. Bon Appetit magazine named Hoffman's one of America's Best Chocolate Shops, and The Wall Street Journal selected Hoffman's Easter Basket as the "best overall" in the nation in March of 2000.

We are proud of these acknowledgements. However, our greatest pleasure is in providing our customers with premier chocolate products of uncompromised quality.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, FL

28.53772, -81.377388

Explore America's space heritage with an awe-inspiring tour of Kennedy Space Center. Since 1995, over $120 million has been expended to help enhance the tour experience, all from funds generated by admissions, souvenir and food sales. No tax dollars are used in the operation, maintenance and improvements of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Before your visit, be aware of operating hours and admission fees. Interested in souvenirs? There are tours and exhibits to satisfy every age and interest, from the early days of Mercury to the assembly of the International Space Station.

Maverick Boat Company

Fort Pierce, FL

27.44865, -80.326614

I'm Scott Deal, CEO of Maverick Boat Company, Inc. I know firsthand that fishing conditions are rarely the way they appear in the pretty brochures. That's why here at Maverick, we build boats for fishing like it really is. From rough seas to high winds, our boats are built to get you safely and comfortably to your fishing destinations. Every hull is built of the highest quality materials using the latest boat-building technology. That's why Maverick, Hewes and Pathfinder boats are known for their superior quality.

Come inside and let me show you how we build our boats, and why Maverick Boat Company, Inc. sets the standard by which all other boats are measured.

Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Jacksonville, FL

30.310889, -81.660684

Peterbrooke Chocolatier, Inc. was founded in 1983 in a quaint historical neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, known as San Marco. Its visionary, Phyllis Geiger, named her business after her children Peter and Brooke. Today, seven retail locations serve North Florida. And the company is flourishing -- with additional stores and products on the drawing board.

Phyllis has translated her European training of making fine chocolates into a truly American experience. All nine shops are located in established neighborhoods where people live and know each other?s names. Customers of all ages and backgrounds, drop in regularly to meet friends, sample and indulge!

Like fine artists, Peterbrooke Chocolatier creates its mouth-watering masterpieces by skillfully blending special milk, dark and white chocolate -- molded, enrobed and hand-dipped. An army of molded chocolate bears, cats, dogs and other delightful items. Lusciously enrobed creamy fondant centers, cordial cherries, and hand made truffles. Fresh picked strawberries that are hand-dipped daily.

Over the years, Peterbrooke Chocolatier has achieved incredible popularity and loyalty among its customers because of its creativity, service, and unwavering dedication to using only the highest standards for quality and freshness in its ingredients.

Each store changes its décor reflecting the seasons and the holidays. An explosion of colorful gift bags, beautifully wrapped boxes of chocolates, bountiful baskets, as well as a warm gracious ?hello,? greet customers as they visit.

See for yourself how the world?s best chocolate is produced. Learn about Peterbrooke Chocolate through entertaing, informative audio-visual presentations. Shop on premise at our complete retail shop. Enjoy FREE Samples!

Raymond James Stadium

Tampa, FL

27.9763941, -82.5041993

Walk-Up Tours

We are excited to offer exclusive, year-round tours of the distinctive Raymond James Stadium. This hour-long walking journey will give you backstage access to many different aspects and workings of the stadium. We invite you to enjoy a behind the scenes look at Raymond James Stadium.

Your tour will take you to a luxury suite, the Hall of Fame Club, the famous pirate ship, the ALL-NEW West Club, the University of South Florida Home Team locker room, the field and more! *Please note the tour route is subject to change based on stadium operations

*Tour route is subject to change based on stadium operations.

Walk-up tours are offered to all of the public Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 2:30 p.m.
No reservations are required, but please call 813-350-6500 to ensure tours will run on your preferred date.
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the tour to allow for check-in.
Tours the week of an event are subject to cancellation.
Please remember that any items brought into Raymond James Stadium are subject to search. No footballs, large bags, backpacks, strollers or video cameras are permitted on the tour.

To verify walk-up tour dates and times, please contact our receptionist: (813) 350-6500 | [email protected]

Regal Marine Industries, Inc.

Orlando, FL

28.448892, -81.352572

Regal is a family owned and operated company that is now celebrating over 38 years in business. We build pleasure boats from 19' to 52' encompassing everything from our FasTrac runabouts to the world class Commodore express cruisers. Our distribution is operated by some of the top dealers and distributors in the business with locations in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Regal is also a world leader in innovation, receiving the industries prized IMTEC innovation award for our FasTrac hull design. FasTrac is credited with providing exceptional performance with less horsepower, meaning more efficiency and savings for our customers. You can learn how the FasTrac hull works by clicking here.

Being a family owned company, we are concerned for your family as well, and that's why safety is a key factor in our design process. Standard features like transom trailering lights, side mirrors, deep cockpits and windshield vents aid in keeping your family safe.

Sally Corporation

Jacksonville, FL

30.328493, -81.667024

For 25 years, Sally has hosted thousands of visitors. From school groups, clubs, church groups to senior citizens organizations, we welcome the opportunity to take you on a tour of the robot factory.

Sally is one of the oldest and largest designers and fabricators of animatronic entertainment in the world.

Walt Disney World

Orlando, FL

28.53774, -81.377389

The "Keys to the Kingdom" tour is a unique look at the behind the scenes look at the inner workings of Disney World. During the tour you will get to see some of the

You will visit two or three attractions, and a look at several "backstage" areas. The highlight of the tour for many is the visit to the utilidor. The utilidor is the tunnel system that exists underneath the Magic Kingdom. You will also visit one of the production center and the parade staging area and warehouse for floats.

Whetstone Chocolate Factory

St. Augustine, FL

29.890965, -81.319967

We recently relocated our factory to a downtown location. We plan to
restart the factory tours this summer. Please check our website for
updates, www.whetstonechocolates.com. We will be adding a Factory Tour page announcing the details and start date.

Chocoholics Welcome.... Visiting Florida?
The Whetstone Family invites you to a little whimsy ... a free tour of Florida's only real chocolate factory. What's it like going to a chocolate factory? Visions of rich, creamy chocolates and the smell of fresh roasting nuts... it's enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it! But you don't have to just think about it - you can see it for yourself.

The tour is free, self-guided and we'll give you a free sample of our famous milk chocolate shell. Start your tour with a close-up look at the technology of modern candy making in our video theater. Then take a walk through the inside of our factory where you'll get to see our huge Molding Plant making up to 500 pieces a minute; the Packing Room, where each chocolate is carefully hand packed; and the Specialty Room, where our wonderful confectionery creations take form.

Yuengling Brewery (Tampa, Fl)

Tampa, FL

28.049125, -82.426044

Tour one of the breweries for America's oldest beer, established in 1829. Visitors observe various facets of the production process and sample finished product at tour's end. (Root beer for the kids).