District of Columbia

Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Washington, DC

Washington, DC

38.88599, -77.031929

You'll see millions of dollars being printed during a tour of the BEP. The tour features the various steps of currency production, beginning with large, blank sheets of paper, and ending with wallet-ready bills!

As the U.S. Government's security printer, the BEP is responsible for the design, engraving and printing of all U.S. paper currency. A world leader in printing technology, the Bureau also produces White House invitations, Treasury obligations and other U.S. securities.

Currency production methods have changed drastically since the BEP was established in 1862. At that time, just six people separated and sealed notes by hand in the basement of the Treasury building. The Bureau moved to its present site in 1914. The Fort Worth, Texas facility was created to meet increased currency production demands - it opened its doors in 1991.

Though new printing, production and examining technologies have brought us into the 21st Century, the Bureau's engravers continue to use the same traditional tools that have been used for over 125 years - the graver, the burnisher, and the hand-held glass.

United States Capital Building

Washington, DC

38.889511, -77.031998

The United States Capitol is a monument, a working legislative building, and one of the most recognizable symbols of Democracy in the world. You are planning your visit to the Capitol during a time of great growth, as we have now started construction of a Capitol Visitor Center. When finished in 2005, the Capitol Visitor Center - located under the East Front Plaza - will provide a dramatically improved educational experience for all visitors: an experience enhanced through exhibits, displays of historic documents, and documentary presentations. You will also be visiting the Capitol during a period of heightened awareness of security and safety. This concern is not simply for the security of Members of Congress and staff, but the security and safety of everyone who visits here.

Because visitation guidelines will be changing as the construction process goes along, we encourage you to call the Capitol Guide Service Recorded Information Line for the latest tour information before your visit. That number is 202-225-6827, and we update the information on it as frequently as necessary.

US Pentagon

Washington, DC

38.89037, -77.031959

Special Note:
Due to heightened security concerns the availability of Pentagon tours varies. Please use the email address to contact the tour office for tour requirements and availability.

Tour Description:
The Pentagon tours program was established on May 17, 1976 to support the nation's Bicentennial Celebration. Initially, the program was to last through the 4th of July and then be disbanded; however, internal support and public demand were so great that the program has been continued ever since.

Kinds of Tours

The Pentagon conducts two kinds of tours for the general public, walk-in tours and group tours. Both tours are free and are conducted Monday through Friday. Tours are not conducted on weekends or federal holidays.

Walk-in Tours

Walk-in tours begin at 9 a.m. and are conducted once an hour on the hour. The last tour begins at 3:00 p.m. All walk-in tours are open to the public on a first come, first served basis, and always begin and end at the Metro entrance. Walk-in tour length is approximately 90 minutes, is about one mile long, and includes several staircases. All times are subject to change. During the summer months there may be a waiting period.

Group Tours

Group tours are conducted for parties of 10 or more visitors and reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. When making a reservation, the following information is needed:

the name of the group and the number of persons in the group;
the date and time the tour is wanted, with possible alternate date and times; and
the name and phone number of the person requesting the tour.
Group tours can be tailored to meet the time requirements of the party, but normally last for 30 to 90 minutes. They begin and end at the Pentagon Metro entrance unless special arrangements for pickup and drop-off at another building location are requested.


The tour registration window is located at the Pentagon Metro entrance and opens at 8:30 a.m. Visitors for walk-in tours must go to the registration window first. Group tour registration is also at the Pentagon Metro entrance unless special arrangements for pickup at another building location have been made. The tour registration window is on the left just inside the entrance in the visitor waiting area.