Diamond Bear Brewing

Little Rock, AR

34.7472811, -92.2839212

Diamond Bear Brewing is Little Rock?s first production brewery in over 15 years. Diamond Bear started brewing on September 21, 2000, and started distribution on October 17, 2000 with the Flying Saucer (Downtown River Market District) being the first establishment to carry our product. We have since been expanding our market steadily. Our styles of beer are produced in the old time honored traditional methods of european brewers, using only two-row malted barley ,hops, yeast and great Arkansas water. Being brewed locally gives the beer a great advantage in ?freshness? while still capturing some of the worlds most famous styles of beer without the use of adjuncts or preservatives!

You may be wondering where our name came from. Diamond Bear is brewed in Arkansas which is the only state to have a diamond mine. This is where the first part of our name came from. As for the bear portion of Diamond Bear, Arkansas was once home to a large population of bears. In fact, during the pioneer days Arkansas was known as the Bear State. Therefore, we combined the two to create a name that is distinctly Arkansan, Diamond Bear!

Mountain Valley Spring Company

Hot Springs, AR

34.633241, -93.067214

Mountain Valley Spring Water is the flagship brand of the Mountain Valley Spring Company. We bottle our water at the spring site?a single, natural spring located within 633 acres of protected, company-owned land about 12 miles from Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

Our water is available coast to coast and has been recognized by independent experts and generations of loyal customers as one of the finest bottled waters available anywhere in the world.

Mountain Valley Spring Water has twice won the "Berkley Springs Best Tasting Water in the World" competition and Mountain Valley's new glass bottles won this years "Excellence in Packaging" award.

Terra Studios

Durham, AR

35.940376, -93.979794

Terra Studios is located in the Ozark Mountains near Fayetteville, Arkansas. Here, artisans produce glass and pottery homewares, gifts and fine art pieces. We hope that you will come to visit us. Terra visitors can stroll along the wooded paths through the mural garden, explore the pottery showroom and watch skilled glassworkers create the now famous Bluebird of Happiness.

Wal-Mart Visitors Center

Bentonville, AR

36.372335, -94.209494

Located in Sam Walton's original Bentonville variety store, the Wal-Mart Visitors Center traces the origin and growth of Wal-Mart.

The center was created as an educational and informative facility for those interested in this American retailing success story.

If you're ever in Northwest Arkansas, make sure to include a visit to the Wal-Mart Visitors Center in your plans.

Mr. Sam was amazed people would want to come to the center. He said, "It's just a company, and there are a lot of companies." Approximately 57,000 people visit the center each year.

The Visitors Center opened on May 9, 1990, exactly 40 years to the day after Sam originally purchased the store. In honor of the occasion, President Bill Clinton, who was Governor of Arkansas at the time, played a few tunes on his saxophone as it rained and rained. Sam noted that it had also rained on that day 40 years before.

When Sam's original store became available as the site for the Visitors Center, it was purchased by the company and completely demolished inside. The only original thing remaining was the floor, which was Mr. Sam's favorite thing. He used to joke that he was never able to keep it as pretty as it is in the Visitors Center.

After years in a box, we were able to bring Mrs. Walton's wedding dress back to life. When Helen saw it during the Walton Family Wing Exhibit Area opening, she said, "Hmm, I'm going home right now!" Flashing a big grin, she then added, "To go on a diet - I can't get into that dress anymore!"

After church on Sunday, Mr. Sam would drive his old truck out to bird hunt. That's how it got all beat up. Helen was always scolding him about his crazy driving.

Most people are amazed to see the simplicity of Mr. Sam's original office and then his last office, which in keeping with his character is very modest.

To vividly capture the true history of Wal-Mart and the personality of its Founder Sam Walton along with the others involved in its growth and development, a simple walk through the company's looking glass - the Wal-Mart Visitors Center - is all that is needed.