IMPORTANT: Always call the business before going to take the factory tour. We try and keep our data s up-to-date as possible but you should always check first.

Simon Pearce (Windsor, VT)
109 Park Road, Windsor, VT   05089
Latitude: 43.516014   Longitude: -72.402153
Email Address: [email protected]

Visitors are welcome to observe the Simon Pearce glassblowers at work. A catwalk viewing gallery above the factory floor provides an ideal vantage point.

Glass has been made over four thousand years, beginning in Western Asia. The first items made of glass were small objects such as beads. These early glass objects were made by using molds.

Glass vessels began to appear in the late 15th and 16th centuries B.C. Glassblowing evolved much later, during the 1st century B.C. in the Roman Empire. By blowing glass, craftsmen could produce vessels in a wider variety of shapes and sizes previously only possible in pottery and metal.

Glassblowing is done 10am-5pm daily