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Granville Manufacturing
Route 100, Granville, VT   05747
Map Location           Latitude: 43.948942   Longitude: -72.840783
Email Address: [email protected]
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Granville Manufacturing has been in continuous operation, owned and run by family businesses since 1857. We feature spruce and pine quartersawn clapboards as well as other vertical grain building materials. The old New England houses that dot the countryside are the best examples that wood siding can withstand the test of time. We invite you to tour our facility. We are located in the heart of Vermont on scenic Route 100. Come and see for yourself why we are proud to carry on a true Vermont tradition.

Vermont has been blessed with a rejuvenated forest of hardwoods over the last century. On mountains of once cleared forests, the hard rock farms supported the original settlers of Vermont. With the opening of lands in the middle and western regions of America, many Vermonters left their homes to seek more fertile land for cultivation. The decline in population led to the regrowth of forests on the Green Mountains. These forests of hardwoods and softwoods led to the development of the lumber industry now an essential component of the Vermont economy.

Many Vermont Lumber Companies produced Wooden Bowls and Clapboard Siding utilizing Vermont Timber, selling their products around the New England Region. Over the years these producers of Bowls and Boards have disappeared from the landscape of Vermont, while the Granville Mill quietly continued the tradition of ingenuity and perseverance in the face of economic cyclicality, floods and fires.

The Mill that you visit today still contains the original machinery designed and improved since the late 1800's, run by electricity instead of water power. The Branch of the White River that runs past the Mill was the original source of power for the Mill. A Dam upstream from the Mill used to run through sluices into a turbine that powered the Mill machinery that was contained within a single three story Mill located just North of the Bowl Mill Store.

In 1927, Vermont suffered from a devastating flood that washed away the Granville Dam and most Bridges in the White River Valleys of Vermont. The Mill survived, however the water power was replaced by electricity and the Zenas King bridge was restored to its original foundation, the only source of access to the Mill from Granville Corners.

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