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Spoetzl Brewery
603 East Brewery Street, Shiner, TX   77984
Map Location           Latitude: 29.4291304   Longitude: -97.1705425
Email Address: [email protected]
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What a fascinating history there is behind the Spoetzl Brewery! Immigrant Czech and German farmers settled the little town of Shiner, Texas (some eighty miles Southeast of Austin), in 1887. Longing for the old-world taste of their homeland, they quickly formed the Shiner Brewing Association, in 1909.

Kosmos Spoetzl was born, grew up, and earned his Brewmasters degree in Germany. After years of working at various breweries in Europe and Canada, he moved to the United States and, in 1915, bought "The Little Brewery in Shiner." Not a whole lot ever changes in Shiner and that's the way we like it. To this day, we still use Kosmos' original recipes and painstakingly handcraft each brew one at a time making sure that every beer is naturally aged before it leaves the Brewery.

Even our Brewmaster and General Manager, John Hybner, hasn't changed in nearly a quarter of a century. In fact, we still have less than fifty employees. But one thing that has changed is our willingness to share. There was a time when you could only get Shiner Beer in Texas. Now we distribute to 20 other states. So if you live outside Texas, you can drink a toast to Carlos Alvarez, owner of the Brewery, who's responsible for our recent building and market expansion. Cheers, Carlos!

Brewery tours are available Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., or by special arrangement for groups of 20 or more (just call us at 361-594-3383). The brewery is closed on weekends and major holidays.
http://www.shiner.com/map.html provides a map to the area.

Other Information
I visited this brewery a few months ago and found it very interesting. After the tour, they give samples of several varieties of the beer produced.

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