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Emerald Farm
409 Emerald Farm Road, Greenwood, SC   29646
Latitude: 34.193477   Longitude: -82.111024
Email Address: [email protected]

In 1987, we at Emerald Farm decided to make a soap with goat milk. We began with an old tried and true formula from Swiss soap makers that would incorporate all the beneficial qualities of the natural ingredients and customized it to our design.

In an effort to keep the product handmade from start to finish, a small soap factory was built on the farm. Even though the product line is ever expanding, all work is done individually and with personal care.

Our all natural goat milk soap is delicately handcrafted at Emerald Farm. Our 20 years of experience in dairy goat farming has led us to the production of this luxury product.

For almost as long as recorded history, men have regarded soap as one of man's gracious inventions. Reference shows as long ago as 2300 B.C. bathing and skin care was important. The Romans and Greeks built elaborate buildings of marble to house their baths. Soap was a precious luxury and used sparingly.

In an age where so many things are not as they appear to be, and made of artificial substances, we believe it is essential to offer a wholesome product, made of ALL NATURAL ingredients. Returning to basics is a pleasant way to renew natural skin qualities.

SAANEN SOAP is handmade from the pure whole goat milk produced on our farm. The milk is delicately blended with powder soft oatmeal and scented with natural herbal oils. The soothing qualities of our whole milk and deep cleaning oatmeal embraces your skin, leaving it clean and refreshed without artificial residues.

Milk of all kinds has been known as a rejuvenator and moisturizer of human skin. From the days of Cleopatra and her ritual beauty baths, olive oil has maintained its reputation for enriching skin beauty. For this reason, we have combined the age old secrets used by soapmakers for centuries with out all natural ingredients, creating our second bar, SAANEN SILK. This beauty bar is the combination of our whole goat milk and olive oil. SAANEN SILK gently cleanses as it enriches your skin.

Cosmetic chemists are calling goat milk "natures' liposome". These are easily absorbed into the skin, bringing moisture and restorative proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain the healthy texture of the skin.

Saanen Soap is a gentle all natural luxury product recommended for the entire family- from infants to seniors.

Visits welcome Monday-Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Guided Tours are welcome by appointment. Call us at (864) 223-2247 to make arrangements.