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Fish Peddler
617 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR   97365
Map Location           Latitude: 44.628921   Longitude: -124.054648
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Welcome to the Pacific Seafood Group, a family owned, vertically integrated seafood company based in the Western United States. The Pacific Group processes West Coast products from Alaska to Mexico and owns and operates distribution facilities and distributes in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah. The Pacific Group exports products throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East and also imports products from many of these areas as well.

The Pacific Seafood Group began in 1941 by Frank M. Dulcich and his son Dominic Dulcich in Portland, Oregon, beginning from small retail counter and servicing discriminating customers at this same counter until this day. The business expanded to meet local distribution demands and as they say the rest is history. Beginning in 1977 an import department was established to meet local and extended customer needs. The distribution business continued to flourish over those years and brought the need for a consistent supply of high quality locally processed seafood that Pacific would develop by understanding their customer's needs.

In 1983 the Pacific Seafood Group expanded to processing with the purchase of our first plant in Warrenton, Oregon, Pacific Coast Seafood. The plant is located on the mouth of the majestic Columbia River, one of the most active fishing ports on the west coast. Processing of Dungeness Crab, Cold Water Shrimp, Groundfish and Salmon assisted tremendously to meet our customer's needs.

Since 1983 the Pacific Seafood Group has expanded all areas of their business with a strategy to grow distribution and to increase processing capabilities to meet the demands of not only our growing distribution customer base, but also meet the needs of our growing customer base throughout the US and the world.

Being the largest has never been the goal of the Pacific Seafood Group, but being the best is our goal. Operational Excellence is our business model to meet customer needs with top quality products and hassle free service. The expansion of distribution has always been coordinated with primary processing expansions to assure that our market base is guaranteed to meet growing customer demands with high quality products.

The expansion of Pacific has been swift over the past decade as new markets and processing facilities have opened up. Since 1983 Pacific Group has expanded from one processing and one distribution facility to nearly 20 operating units.

Stop by and see shrimp processing in action Monday through Friday.

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