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Finagle a Bagel
77 Rowe Street, Newton, MA   02466
Map Location           Latitude: 42.347718   Longitude: -71.241782
Email Address: [email protected]
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After graduating from business school in Boston, Laura Trust and Alan Litchman found jobs in Corporate America and ended up on a job assignment in Hong Kong. Wanting to do something on their own, they considered starting an American restaurant concept in Hong Kong. While doing due diligence, they found Finagle, at that time a 5-unit chain. Laura and Alan bought the company, got married, and returned home to Boston to try to grow the company there.

Twelve years later, with stores throughout the Boston and Metro Boston area, Alan and Laura received hundreds of letters from Bostonians who had moved away, and visitors who had come to Finagle while in Boston, requesting them to open stores in every part of the country. Unable to meet such demand with their own stores, Laura and Alan saw an opportunity to provide high quality hand-made bagels to everyone who wanted them by selling their bagels throughout America in the frozen sections of Grocery Stores. They took the same hand-boiled and baked bagels from their retail stores, and flash froze them. When thawed, the bagel was as good as when it came out of the oven. They knew then that they could provide the World?s Best Bagels to many more people than just those who could get to their retail stores.

Finagle introduced their branded frozen bagel in September of 2009 and they are now sold in over 750 grocery stores throughout the Northeast. Laura and Alan continue to grow the Finagle branded bagel business with the goal of providing real, hand-made bagels to every man, woman and child in America.

About the same time as the branded bagels where introduced to the grocery stores, the school systems, nursing homes and other food service providers throughout the New England area requested a smaller, but just as high quality bagel for their customers. The foodservice business had traditionally been one of low quality, cost driven, bulk purchasing, so Laura and Alan naturally assumed they could never compete in that commodity driven business. There would always be a cheaper ?bagel? since using all natural, high quality ingredients and hand-baking costs more. As it turns out, quality is gaining favor with many foodservice channels. Parents want their children eating well in school, and patients, visitors and healthcare workers don?t want chemical-filled, round bread. They want real bagels.

So Bailey's was born! Bailey's All Natural bagels use the same ingredients as Finagle bagels to produce 3 oz and smaller bagels to meet the FDA requirements and foodservice channel needs. The demand for the Bailey's product has far outpaced expectations, and the bagel-making facility in Newton now sends truckloads of bagels to school systems, nursing homes, prison systems, and even to grocery store chains (under the store?s own private label) throughout the country.

Finagle still serves thousands of guests in their retail bakery cafes throughout Boston each year. For more information on Finagle retail locations, please visit www.finagleonline.com. Or come on by for a tour!

Tour our facility and see the bagel dough being made fresh every day. Enjoy our self-guided tour through the facility and learn the histories of both the bagel itself and Finagle a Bagel. From our start in Faneuil Hall in 1982 as Julian?s Cheesecakes, Inc. to our new bakery & dough facility and retail locations today, you will see how we have grown, our connection to the community, how we make the words best bagels, and what makes us one of the best places to eat in Boston for fresh sandwiches, bagels, soups and salads.

Self guided tours are available Monday ? Friday, 8 am ? 2 pm. The best times to view mixing are on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and the best times to view baking are on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Groups are welcome to a free guided tour of the facility by contacting us in advance to set up an appointment, 617-213-8428 or [email protected]

Bagels are available for purchase from the factory at 77 Rowe St. in Newton by the bag (of six-one flavor per bag) from 1pm ? 4pm. $3.00 per bag. Bagel flavors are subject to availability and may only be available frozen. Cash only.

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