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John Deere Harvester Works
1100 13th Avenue, East Moline, IL   61265
Map Location           Latitude: 41.524871   Longitude: -90.440537
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Factory Facts
John Deere Harvester Works is the largest, most modern combine manufacturing facility in the world. Located in East Moline, Illinois, it is approximately 90 acres under roof (that's nearly 4 million square feet) and has produced products since 1913.

How We Build Your Combine
A majority of your combine components start as a roll of steel. Each roll weighs 10-to 20-tons, is 4-to 6-feet wide, and comes in thickness up to 1/4-inch. Steel is fed into a machine which cuts it to various lengths, then flattens it. The flat steel is sent to different stations to be made into smaller parts.

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines, capable of holding 37 unique punches in a large wheel, are used to create various combinations of parts. Harvester Works also uses lasers that cut at rates of up to 400-inches per minute. Presses are used for larger sheet metal forming and can apply 400-to 1000-tons of pressure.

120,000 Square Feet of Paint Technology
Parts at John Deere Harvester are immersed 10 times during the pre-paint process. Each of the 10 stages contains approximately 50,000 gallons of continuously circulated liquid that may reach temperatures of 150 degrees F.

After the pre-treatment process, a coat of paint (0.8-1.0-mil) is applied and baked for 68 minutes at 275 degrees F. The three-stage electrocoat process is capable of operating at 600 volts and 2000 degrees. At this stage of the paint process, four Fanuc P200 robots capable of painting 39-inches per second apply a final topcoat. Under normal conditions, a part is involved in the paint process for approximately 5 hours from start to finish.

Assembly of Your Combine
14 miles of automated track comes together to form the main Harvester Works building. Here, the sub-assemblies of your combine include:

Body (separator cleaning shoe)
Feeder house
Grain tank

Purchased parts such as engines, radiators, and fuel tanks arrive Just In Time (JIT) at loading docks near their final point of use. Parts arrive from all over the United States and from sister factories all over the world. These major sub-assemblies come together on the "main line" to be assembled into your finished combine.

Delivery Process
After the combine is completely assembled, it is pre-delivered by an independent company that inspects the combine from front to back for proper fluids, torques, and tensions in key areas. This same company helps provide customer support during the summer harvest.

Visit John Deere Harvester Works by Contacting John Deere Guest Services Toll Free at: 1-800-765-9588 or 1-877-201-3924

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