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Diamond Bear Brewing
323C Cross Street, Little Rock, AR   72201
Map Location           Latitude: 34.7472811   Longitude: -92.2839212
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Diamond Bear Brewing is Little Rock?s first production brewery in over 15 years. Diamond Bear started brewing on September 21, 2000, and started distribution on October 17, 2000 with the Flying Saucer (Downtown River Market District) being the first establishment to carry our product. We have since been expanding our market steadily. Our styles of beer are produced in the old time honored traditional methods of european brewers, using only two-row malted barley ,hops, yeast and great Arkansas water. Being brewed locally gives the beer a great advantage in ?freshness? while still capturing some of the worlds most famous styles of beer without the use of adjuncts or preservatives!

You may be wondering where our name came from. Diamond Bear is brewed in Arkansas which is the only state to have a diamond mine. This is where the first part of our name came from. As for the bear portion of Diamond Bear, Arkansas was once home to a large population of bears. In fact, during the pioneer days Arkansas was known as the Bear State. Therefore, we combined the two to create a name that is distinctly Arkansan, Diamond Bear!

Diamond Bear offers both public and private tours of our brewery. Tours are at 3pm CST on both Saturday and Sunday. During the tour we offer samples of our award winning beers to visitors over the age of 21, and have root beer for those under 21 or who do not wish to partake. Group tours can be scheduled by calling the brewery at (501)708-2739. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the tour starts. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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